Grief Dialogues


Out of Grief Comes Art

I am not an academic or someone with advanced degrees. I’m not a researcher in the clinical sense. What I am is a playwright and an observer — an observer of life.

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Honoring Choices Play


Honoring Choices

Originally commissioned for Honoring Choices PNW

Honoring Choices (17 mins) presents a dying elderly father and his adult daughters who, along with his own doctor, encourage him to prepare his end-of-life plan But he is not having any part of it.

Themes: Family dynamics, disagreements and resentments and the difficulty of discussing end of-life wishes on any level with someone who is not yet ready to accept the concept of their own mortality.

This play is available in culturally appropriate formats including English/Spanish language scripts and a script adapted for African-American cast/audiences.

(Adapted with COVID references)